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          Share Certificates of these companies are in distribution.

          Share Certificates of these companies are in distribution.

          Certificate Distribution by Commercial Bank

          Company Distribution Of Date By
          Nepal Bangladesh Bank Bonus & Cash 2071-4-29 Global IME Capital
          Nepal Investment Bank Debenture 2071-4-11 Civil Capital Market
          Sunrise Bank Bonus 2071-4-11 Civil Capita
          Bank of Kathmandu 14% Bonus Share 2070-09-04 Head Office, Kamalpokhari
          Everest Bank 30% Bonus Share 2069-08-11 Head Office, Lazimpat, Kathmandu
          Nabil Bank 20% Bonus Share 2069-08-12 Nabil Investment Banking

          Certificate Distribution by Development Bank

          Company Distribution of Date By
          Mahakali Bikash Bank Right Share 2071-4-27 Ace Capital
          Shangrila Development Bank Bonus 2071-4-20 Shangrila development Bank
          Western Development Bank Bonus 2071-3-30 Gromore Merchants
          Garima Bikash Bank Right Share 2070-09-16 Elite Capital, Jamal
          Muktinath Bikash Bank 20% Bonus Share  2070-09-14  Gromore Merchant Banker
          Matribhumi Bikas Bank Primary Share 2070-09-17 Nagarik Lagani Kosh
          Sahayogi Bikas Bank 26% Bonus Share 2070-09-22 NCM Merchant Bank.
          Sewa Bikash Bank 12% Bonus Share 2070-09-14 NMB Capital
          Shine Resunga Development Bank  20% Bonus Share 2070-09-11 Growmore Merchant Banker

          Certificate Distribution by Finance Company

          Company Distribution Of Date By
          Om Finance 20% Bonus Share 2070-09-03 Company's Office
          Nepal Express Finance 9.5% Bonus Share 2070-09-04 NCM Merchants Banking

          Certificate Distribution by Hotels

          Company Distribution Of Date By
          Soaltee Hotel Ltd 20% Bonus Share 2068-10-25 Company Registered Office, Tahachal, Kathmandu

          Certificate Distribution by Hydropower Company

          Company Distribution Of Date By
          Arun Valley Hydropower 15% Bonus Share 2070-09-15 Head Office, Trade Tower, Thapathali

          Certificate Distribution by Insurance Company

          Company Distribution Of Date By
          Nepal Insurance Right Share 2071-3-32 Growmore Merchant Bankers
          Shikhar Insurance Bonus & Right Share 2071-3-22 NIBL Capital Markets
          Guras Life Insurance 6.50% Bonus Share 2070-02-01 NMB Capital Ltd
          Nepal Life Insurance 70% Bonus Share 2070-01-22 Head Office, Kamaladi, NCM Merchant Banking
          Prudential Insurance 25% Bonus Share 2070-02-05 Company Office, Putalisadak
          Siddhartha Insurance 32% Bonus Share 2070-01-09 NMB Capital Ltd
          Shikhar Insurance 40% Bonus Share 2070-03-07 Company Head Office, Thapathali
          Surya Life Insurance 14.25% Bonus Share 2070-01-10 NMB Capital & Head Office

          Certificate Distribution by Merchant Banker

          Company Distribution Of Date By

          Certificate Distribution by Micro Finance Company

          Company Distribution Of Date By
          Nirdhan Utthan Bank 3.92% Bonus Share 2070-01-03 Head Office, Kathmandu
          Swabalamwan Laghubitta Bikas Bank 5% Bonus Share 2070-03-28 Nabil Investment Banking

          Certificate Distribution by Trading Co

          Company Distribution Of Date By
          Salt Trading Corporation Ltd 10% Bonus Share 2070-02-19 Head Office, Kalimati

          Corporate News

          India makes exemption for Nepal, allows some refined palmolein imports

          February 12, 2020- India, which restricted imports of refined palm oil and palmolein in January, has exempted Nepal and has started issuing licences to import some refined palmolein from the Himalayan nation, two government officials told Reuters.

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          HIDCL, Power China to build 762MW Tamor reservoir project

          Kathmandu, September 16- The Hydroelectricity Investment and Development Company Ltd (HIDCL) and state-owned Power China Corporation have jointly submitted a project development proposal at the Investment Board Nepal (IBN) to build the 762-megawatt Tamor reservoir project, which will cover Panchthar, Taplejung, Terhathum and Sankhuwasabha districts.

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          Security audit of BFIs compulsory

          Kathmandu, September 10- Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB) has made it mandatory for banks and financial institutions (BFIs) to conduct an audit of their information and technology (IT) system.

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          Age limit set for CEOs, directors at BFIs

          KATHMANDU: Nepal Rastra Bank has set an age bar for board of directors and chief executive officers of banks and financial institutions (BFIS).

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          Symbol % Change Last Price Turnover
          TPC 10.1449 532.0 1,200,368.0
          NBB 10.1227 359.0 78,348,179.0
          MKJC 10.0209 527.0 10,408,576.0
          NIBLPF 10.0000 11.0 251,978.0
          NTC 9.9914 1,277.0 164,339,250.0
          Symbol % Change Last Price Turnover
          VLBS -2.3669 1,650.0 11,812,950.0
          SBIBD86 -2.3415 1,001.0 90,350.0
          MLBBL -0.9975 1,985.0 2,583,021.0
          NLG -0.9524 936.0 6,741,837.0
          PBD85 -0.9288 960.0 72,000.0
          Symbol % Change Last Price Turnover
          MLBL 9.7333 823.0 372,688,498.0
          NHPC 8.9412 463.0 304,219,800.0
          API 2.7613 521.0 233,673,436.0
          LBBL 1.5152 670.0 182,483,005.0
          NTC 9.9914 1,277.0 164,339,250.0